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Different Life – Different Ways

“Different Life – Different GOALS” was going to be the original title of this post, BUT I don’t feel like I can honestly discuss my goals at the moment. I cannot say that my life has drastically changed in the past 2 months, because its still all about cheerleading. However it has changed tremendously.

Aunty Sara with nieces Maddie & Dani  

I’ve been a competitive gymnast , cheerleader & acrobat for over 20 years now, so my goals were always I would say “gold oriented”. My BIG goals were focused on doing the best at most prestigious competitions (#winning) and choosing/making the right teams that will make this possible for me. SMALLER goals were learning new skills or improving old ones in order to , one make the teams I wanted, and two be a strong asset on those teams, and not the weakest link. Along with that of course came fitness and wellness goals that kept my body and mind in the best possible physical and mental shape.   

I always had other goals not related to sports as well, such as school, then work, relationships, family, just being a normal human being 🙂  but to be completely honest…these always came second to being THE ATHETE. 

I can proudly say that I accomplished most of my goals. Some huge ones, some tiny ones, but each and every one of them give me chills and make me excited every time I think of them. They also remind me that no matter how much I planned and believed in certain ways to reach those goals, things never happened according to my plan. Flexibility, ability to accept, adjust and compromise, staying determined and 100% dedicated, with a true passion for those goals at the end kept me on a not expected track,  but THE TRACK to get them checked off my list. 

Our final decision to move to Reno was the last dot in my cheerleading career as an athlete, or at least that’s how it seems. Yes, it’s a bit bitter-sweet, but it’s mostly sweet with a dash of bitter. By accomplishing so much in my athletic career I now feel ready to explore something new and excel on a different level.   

And here I am, writing this post while living different life. I’m on a quest finding new ways, new challenges as exciting as my athletic ones were, so I can set myself new goals. 

I can’t even imagine where Reno life is going to take me, but ways that excite me right now:

  1. Learning new position at Five Star Athletics & helping to improve their (our!) programs
  2. Developing flying program that could help anyone become an amazing flyer
  3. Working on my cirque skills 🙂 somehow I find pleasure in torturing myself with high intensity stretching, and practicing new passion I developed sort of recently, which is hand balancing.
  4.  Living a family-centered life again.
  5. Learning how to be the best support on Kenny’s new journey as a Realtor.  


Five Star Gang -The Eddy 
New Challenges – Hand Balancing
Working with my Fly-Hunnies

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